Rep. Long Votes to Repeal Trucking Fee

Springfield, IL….On Thursday, Illinois’s House of Representatives passed House Bill 0386 which repealed an existing provision that added a commercial distribution fee to the Illinois trucking license fee. 

Representative Long (R-Streator) spoke in favor of the bill both in committee and on the House floor. 

“This piece of legislation was common sense,” stated Long. “During my 30 years behind the wheel as a union trucker, I watched as Illinois became the most expensive state in the region to do business in.  This legislation will aid in making Illinois more competitive with our neighbors and will hopefully alleviate some of the burden off of our teamsters’ backs. I was happy to get a chance to reach across the aisle to give this bill my support.”

HB0386 passed the House and is scheduled to appear in front of the Illinois Senate on February 28th. Citizens may track this legislation on

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