State Rep. Jerry Long Co-Sponsors Legislation to Prohibit 2017 Salary Increases

Springfield, IL……State Representative Jerry Long (R-Streator) co-sponsored legislation today which prohibits salary increases for legislators in the form of cost of living adjustments for the 2017 fiscal year.

Rep. Long commented afterward:

“I couldn’t imagine further burdening our state and our taxpayers with something so undeserved. Cost of living adjustments are supposed to be factored into a constitutionally mandated, balanced budget. Since the legislature has failed to produce a balanced budget, it is unacceptable to receive any sort of salary increase.”

House Bill 643 also establishes mileage reimbursement rates as well as lodging and meal allowances for fiscal year 2018.  For more information on legislation sponsored by Rep. Long visit or contact his office at or (815) 510-9689

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