Rep. Long Works Toward a Balanced Budget

Springfield…On Wednesday, State Representative Jerry Long (R-Streator) cosponsored House Resolution 360, calling for the House to adopt a resolution that contains a fiscal year (FY) 2017 revenue estimate. An estimation of the state’s revenue is the first and most important step in the budget-making process as it gives them the framework for what they are allowed to spend. Lawmakers passed a budget that was nearly $7 billion out of balance for the FY 2016 so pressure is mounting with the May 31st deadline looming around the corner. Rep. Long was found for comment after session concluded Wednesday afternoon.
“The opportunity to come together and end the budget impasse is right now,” stated Long. “That is why I am joining fellow Republicans in urging our colleagues to adopt one of the resolutions containing a revenue estimate. Illinois has gone nearly two years without a budget, and in the meantime, our schools and universities, social service providers and those most in need are struggling. Every day that goes by without honest negotiations and discussions is a wasted opportunity. Neither side of the aisle can fix the budget stalemate by themselves so it’s time to come together and give the taxpayers what they deserve.”
The resolution now awaits approval from the Rules Committee. Constituents that would like to follow this resolution or any other legislation introduced or sponsored by Rep. Long are urged to contact his office at either 815-510-9689 or via email at 

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