Rep. Long Hosts Wyatt Anderson as Honorary Page for the Day

Springfield…Wyatt Anderson, a senior at Ottawa Township High School, served as an Honorary Page for the Illinois House of Representatives during a legislative session of the 100th General Assembly over Memorial Day Weekend.
Mr. Anderson, a resident of Marseilles, was invited by Illinois State Rep. Jerry Long (R-Streator) after winning a writing contest hosted by the representative. The contest was for high schoolers in the 76th District where they were asked to come up with a new law that would benefit the State of Illinois. Mr. Anderson wrote his essay about a law mandating yearly infrastructure improvements in Illinois. He believes that if Illinois enacts legislation similar to the public works programs created by President Roosevelt during the Great Depression, than Illinois could create jobs while investing in its roads and bridges.
It’s a special privilege for a student to be selected to serve as an Honorary Page. Mr. Anderson got the opportunity to serve his state, observed the work that takes place on the House floor, and participated in the Legislative Session. After the conclusion of session on Memorial Day, Mr. Anderson was awarded an Illinois House of Representatives Certificate of Recognition.


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