IL House of Representatives Votes to Override Governor's Veto

Springfield…State Representative Jerry Long (R-Streator) today released the following statement after voting against overriding the Governor’s vetoes of Speaker Madigan’s budget, tax hike, and BIMP:

“This is a dark day for taxpayers in IllinoisLast weekend began with meaningful talks of compromise and reform and yet ended how it always does:Speaker Madigan getting his way. The budget, tax hike, and BIMP that were brought to the floor this week lacked the serious reforms necessary to pay down our unpaid bills or address our pension debts. I voted no on all three bills and will continue to do so until Speaker Madigan becomes serious about fixing this mess he created. I refuse to vote for higher taxes especially when there are not enough spending reductions, no property tax relief, no regulatory reform to grow jobs, and no term limits. 

The budget, tax hike, and BIMP were toted as a way to prevent the State’s credit rating to fall to junk’ status.  However, Moody’s yesterday stated that between the bill backlog and the pension debt, a budget with a tax hike still might not be enough to avoid a downgrade.  It’s obvious to me then that these votes were all about keeping the status quo. We cannot increase taxes on every family in Illinois while the powers in Springfield continue to spend taxpayer dollars irresponsibly.”

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