Rep. Long Stands Strong on the 2nd Amendment and Supports Local Employers

Springfield…Today, State Representative Jerry Long (R-Streator) voted against HB 4117, which contained language that would have made many law abiding gun owners into felons while hurting the local economy.

“This piece of legislation had broad language that did not just include trigger modifications,” stated Rep. Long.  “Any law abiding citizen who replaced even a spring in their gun could find themselves slapped with a heavy fine or jail time. On top of its effect on the people of the 76th District, it would have negatively affected our local economy. Gun manufacturers like MMC Armory in Putnam County, as well as private and public shooting ranges throughout the district, would have seen a loss in revenue.”

The bill failed in the House with only 48 of the required 71 votes. For more information regarding this legislation please contact the office of Rep. Long at (815)-510-9689 or via email at

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